Intermezzo roman van Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney Intermezzo recensie, review en informatie van de inhoud van de nieuwe Ierse roman. Op 24 september 2024 verschijnt bij uitgeverij Faber & Faber de nieuwe roman van de uit Ierland afkomstige schrijfster Sally Rooney. Hier lees je informatie over de inhoud van de roman, de schrijfster en over de uitgave. Wanneer de Nederlandse vertaling van de roman verschijnt, wordt later bekend.

Sally Rooney Intermezzo recensie en review

  • “Rooney has been called the voice of her generation (and she probably is), but her talents are greater than that. Het genious for capturing people with all their self-conceits and occasional virtues put her in a fine tradition of sharp social observation stretching back to Jane Austen.” (The Times)

Sally Rooney Intermezzo


  • Auteur: Sally Rooney (Ierland)
  • Soort boek: Ierse roman
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Faber & Faber
  • Verschijnt: 24 september 2024
  • Omvang: 288 pagina’s
  • Uitgave: gebonden / paperback / ebook
  • Prijs: £20.00
  • Boek bestellen bij: Amazon / Bol / Libris

Flaptekst van de nieuwe roman van Sally Rooney

Aside from the fact that they are brothers, Peter and Ivan Koubek seem to have little in common.

Peter is a Dublin lawyer in his thirties – successful, competent and apparently unassailable. But in the wake of their father’s death, he’s medicating himself to sleep and struggling to manage his relationships with two very different women – his enduring first love Sylvia, and Naomi, a college student for whom life is one long joke.

Ivan is a twenty-two-year-old competitive chess player. He has always seen himself as socially awkward, a loner, the antithesis of his glib elder brother. Now, in the early weeks of his bereavement, Ivan meets Margaret, an older woman emerging from her own turbulent past, and their lives become rapidly and intensely intertwined.

For two grieving brothers and the people they love, this is a new interlude – a period of desire, despair and possibility – a chance to find out how much one life might hold inside itself without breaking.

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