Something Lost, Something Gained boek van Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton Something Lost, Something Gained recensie, review en informatie van het nieuwe boek van de voormalige presidentskandidaat uit de Verenigde Staten. Op 17 september 2024 verschijnt bij uitgeverij Simon & Schuster het nieuwe boek van Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hier lees je informatie over de inhoud van het boek, de schrijfster en over de uitgave. Wanneer de Nederlandse vertaling van het boek verschijnt is nog onbekend.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Something Lost, Something Gained recensie en review

Als er in de media een boekbespreking, recensie of review verschijnt van Something Lost, Something Gained, Refelctions on Life, Love and Liberty, het nieuwe boek van Hillary Rodham Clinton, dan besteden we er op deze pagina aandacht aan.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Something Lost, Something Gained

Something Lost, Something Gained

Reflections on Life, Love, and Liberty

  • Auteur: Hillary Rodham Clinton (Verenigde Staten)
  • Soort boek: non-fictie
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Simon & Schuster
  • Verschijnt: 17 september 2024
  • Omvang: 352 pagina’s
  • Uitgave/ gebonden boek / ebook
  • Prijs: $29.99 / $14.99
  • Boek bestellen bij: Amazon / Bol

Flaptekst van het nieuwe boek van Hillary Rodham Clinton

What would it be like to sit down for an impassioned, entertaining conversation with Hillary Clinton? In Something Lost, Something Gained, Hillary offers her candid views on life and love, politics, liberty, democracy, the threats we face, and the future within our reach.

She describes the strength she draws from her deepest friendships, her Methodist faith, and the nearly fifty years she’s been married to President Bill Clinton—all with the wisdom that comes from looking back on a full life with fresh eyes. She takes us along as she returns to the classroom as a college professor, enjoys the bonds inside the exclusive club of former First Ladies, moves past her dream of being president, and dives into new activism for women and democracy.

From canoeing with an ex-Nazi trying to deprogram white supremacists to sweltering with salt farmers in the desert trying to adapt to the climate crisis in India, Hillary brings us to the front lines of our biggest challenges. For the first time, Hillary shares the story of her operation to evacuate Afghan women to safety in the harrowing final days of America’s longest war. But we also meet the brave women dissidents defying dictators around the world, gain new personal insights about her old adversary Vladimir Putin, and learn the best ways that worried parents can protect kids from toxic technology. We also hear her fervent and persuasive warning to all American voters. In the end, Something Lost, Something Gained is a testament to the idea that the personal is political, and the political is personal, providing a blueprint for what each of us can do to make our lives better.

Hillary has “looked at life from both sides now.” In these pages, she shares the latest chapter of her inspiring life and shows us how to age with grace and keep moving forward, with grit, joy, purpose, and a sense of humor.

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